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The Mick Molloy Show Episode 3

Guide by Steve.
Originally broadcast Saturday July 24, 1999

For this third episode, Mick brings local comedian Dave O’Neil to the couch.

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On the couch with Judith, Tony and Dave O’Neil:

  • Craig Lowndes accident
  • John Howard’s golf swing
  • Pool cue accident
  • Tony’s flatmate Jake The Muss

Guest Band: Mach Pelican

Female Shuttle Captain in space

  • Male Lingerie
  • John Howard golf
  • John Laws and pants on fire

On the couch with Bob Franklin and Paatschy:

  • Mr Squiggle turned 40
  • Drinker’s bite

Judith in Montreal

Bob Franklin’s Bob’s Scrapbook

Mick Molloy’s barbershop quartet

Bob Franklin’s How Delightful

Dave O’Neil dressed as a security guard in the streets

Satellite cross to Mark Little in the U.K.

Largest Living Things perform Free.

Sport with Pendo.

Performance by Mach Pelican.

Tony’s clips:

  • Tony Danza looking sweaty
  • The Ernie Sigley Show Special from Pentridge

Paatschy’s entertainment news:

  • Keanu Reeves about to become a father
  • Reeves’ band Dogstar on tour
  • Silence of the Lambs sequel in development
  • Eyes Wide Shut review
  • Mike Goldfield scandal

Closer: Largest Living Things with Dan Warner “Rainbow Suit”


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