Mar 24

I Love Green Guide Letters MICF

Justin Hamilton, Santo & Steele - Letters To Green Guide

Justin Hamilton, Santo & Steele – Letters To Green Guide

If you’re a Melbournite, you’d be aware of the Green Guide lift-out in The Age newspaper, which is usually full of amusing letters written in to critique the state of the Australian television landscape – positive and negative.

Comedian Steele Saunders has taken one step further for his love of these letters – turning it into a highly popular podcast. With various comedians who come visit and share anecdotes. Tony Martin and Santo Cilauro have been previous guests.

Check out the most recent episode with Santo as a guest, telling the origin story of Jane Kennedy joining the D-Generation, as well as a bit of fiasco with Tony’s beloved Warren Perso sketch, and even the classic Wheel Of Fortune sketch from back in the D-Generation days.

Listen here.

I Love Green Guide Letters is heading to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival stage from March 30 to April 20, 2013. Check out I Love Green Guide Letters for more details, tickets and previous podcasts now.

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