Nov 09

Joy Of Sets: Out with a Bang!

Source: facebook.com/TheJoyOfSets

The final episode of The Joy Of Sets has now been and gone. A total number of 225,000 ‘weekend listeners’ tuned in for the slaughtering of Warwick Capper‘s meat and two veg being shot off by a machine gun, while the show finally got the ending credit roll at the end with an amusing montage of Tony Martin¬†and Ed Kavalee remembering the good and bad times of the show.

Will JoS be back next year? Not sure. At least Tony and Ed gave it a shot, and we thank Channel 9 for giving the show a chance, instead of canning it after three episodes. Maybe it’ll return on ABC 5 ?

Until then: Watch it on FixPlay. Beware of some heavy pixelation. Feel free to chat about your opinions on the show too in the forum.