Killing it on ABC Local Radio

Sausages! (How's that for 2 meta-jokes in one, people!)

Sausages! (How’s that for 2 meta-jokes in one, people!)

Get out your transistor radios and tune in to your ABC Local radio from Monday December 16 for some ‘killer’ comedy.

Fellow comedians Glenn Robbins and Dave O’Neil are teaming up for Now I’ll Have To Kill You on ABC Local radio. The duo will be sharing personal stories with various guests until Friday December 27:

  • Shaun Micallef and Adam Zwar
  • Fiona O’Loghlin and Lawrence Mooney
  • Santo Cilauro and Brian Nankervis
  • Sam Pang and Rob Sitch
  • Adam Rozenbachs and Katie Dimond
  • Mick Molloy and Hamish Blake
  • Carl Barron and Bob Franklin
  • Cal Wilson and Tony Martin

If you can’t get to your radio in time, you’ll be able to listen online later (keep an ear and eye out for the podcast if there is one)

Now I’ll Have To Kill You! – Monday December 16 to Friday December 27 – 9:30pm ABC Local radio. (8:30pm QLD and 5:30pm WA)

Don’t forget to put in a request for Chop-arnsey.

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