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Season 1 Episode 12

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday October 10, 1992

Noeline fragrance.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Sylvania Waters, Song for Noeline.


News Desk:

  • Australian nuclear waste
  • John Major
  • Benny Hill’s grave
  • Ireland abortion referendum,
  • End to Imperial Honour system
  • Rose Hancock-Porteous
  • Greg Matthews (Rob)
  • Madonna’s sex book
  • Elle McPherson’s lingerie.

23 FM Shit Music.

What’s that all about.

The jinxed area at the back of the set. (Peter Cupples).

How to video your wedding.

Sink The Slipper: Paul Keating.


Tom and Jane’s date: To the drive-in.

Netball team.

The Olden Days: Episode Twelve “Internal Investigation”.

Countdown Classics: Quiz, William Shakespeare sings.


Over The Top Furniture Removals.

The Spaz Family Go to Hawaii.

Commercial Crimestoppers: “Comedy duo’s”. Melbourne Car Supermarket, The Light Factory, Craft Decor.

Tony’s Stand-up: Prince’s Album.

Toilet Break: The Natural Seven “Girls Girls Girls”.

News Desk Special: Dangerous Dogs, “Love Is A Killer Dog Club Of Australia”.

St. Michael’s Handy Church.


Graham and the Colonel:

  • Sylvania Waters drinking game
  • Mixing with the rich and famous
  • Greg Norman’s swing
  • Australian Indoor Tennis Tournament
  • Bathurst – Jim Richards
  • Tontine body pillow
  • Bobby Fisher
  • Dennis Elbow

Closing: Tape your own Sylvania Waters, The Cilauro’s.


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