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Season 1 Episode 13

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday October 17, 1992

U.S. Presidential Debate: George Bush (Rob), Bill Clinton (Rob), H. Ross Perot (Rob).

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Madonna’s sex book, Calamity Jane, what’s on the other channels.

News Desk:

  • U.S. Presidential Debate
  • Japanese troops in Cambodia
  • China’s Communist Party conference
  • Fighter jet purchase
  • Senator Robert Ray (Santo)
  • Georgian general election
  • Christopher Columbus anniversary
  • Rudolf Nureyev last wish
  • Madonna’s sex book.

Elderly Operations Centre.

Geoff and Terry Bailey: Fine Art Barn.

The Olden Days: Episode Thirteen “Frontbottom Gets The Sack”.

Undiscovered Masterpieces of the Cinema: Houseboat Horror.

Shitscared: Poolside.

Musical Piss-takes: Harry Connick Jr.

Oath of Allegiance.

Muckraking: Oprah (Jane).

Slack Arse Automotive Repairs.

Toilet Break: The Natural Seven “Quando Quando Quando”.

Yothu Yindi tribute band.

Car care with Mick.

Pissweak Western World.

Graham and the Colonel:

  • Dufflecoat Supreme
  • Bart Cummings
  • Richter scale
  • Cheap Albums


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