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Season 1 Episode 2

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday July 25, 1992

“No Road To Barcelona: Australian Olympic Athletes”.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Gulf War 2, Olympic Opening ceremony.

Mick's Gulf tour was via Fairstar the Fun Ship.

Mick’s Gulf tour was via Fairstar the Fun Ship.

News Desk

* Barcelona Olympics
* UN weapons inspectors
* Bill Kelty (Rob)
* Daryl Braithwaite in court
* Kidney for sale
* Lisa Curry-Kenny (Jane)

Pre-Recorded Segments:

The Daishitsu.


Olympic Village Design Submission.

Michael Collins in orbit.

Countdown Classics: 100th show.

Jane & Tom presenting Countdown's 100th show

Jane & Tom presenting Countdown’s 100th show

Postcard from The Science Show.

Tony’s Stand-up: “‘Gis the Olympics”.

The Olden Days: Episode Two “Maltreated Millinery”.

Muckraking: Cluedo, Top 5 Professors, Daddo Census form.

Rob as Elton John.

Rob Sitch as Elton John

Rob Sitch as Elton John

News Desk Update:
* Olympic athlete missing
* Adelaide Commonwealth Games Bid
* Fat Bloke’s triathlon
* Deaths in custody
* Water polo team.

Shitscared: Bungy Jump.

Mick, Rob and Tom. Shitscared.

Mick, Rob and Tom. Shitscared.

Commercial Crimestoppers:
* Birdwood Medieval Fair letter
* All Tools
* Ken Bruce (and his twin sister Madonna)
* National Menswear Wholesalers.

Mail order addicts: The TV magnifier.

Graham and the Colonel:
* Happy Birthday Bert
* Opening ceremony
* The Deltones at the Olympics
* Ben Johnson.

Closing: Worst album covers.

Worst album covers: Uri Geller's record unplayed.

Worst album covers: Uri Geller’s record unplayed.

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