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Season 1 Episode 3

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday August 1, 1992

Geoff Crowe Motors Ad.

Opening Titles: UN taskforce report.

Opening Remarks: Gulf War 2, Olympic Opening ceremony.

News Desk:

Tommy G at the News Desk

Tommy G at the News Desk

* Inflation figures
* Royal anniversary
* Gillespie children
* Gareth Evans (Rob)
* Gunships
* Michael Jackson
* Father of Australian photography
* British athletes suspension
* Bruce McAvaney (Rob).

Pre-Recorded segments:

Bob’s Hot Water Cylinders.

Employ 3 dorks

Employ 3 dorks

ABC complaints book.

UN Weapons Inspectors.

Bob’s Hot Water Cylinders 2: In court.

Tom and Jane’s date: At the Greyhounds.

Olympic commentators event.

Colin Slater’s Academy of Martial Arts.


The Olden Days: Episode Three “Frontbottom’s Iron Fist”

Olympic viewing tips.

Bruce McAvaney (Rob).

Amigos Para Siempre: Official song of the 1992 Olympics.

Jane "Sarah Brightman" Kennedy and Santo

Jane “Sarah Brightman” Kennedy and Santo

Countdown Classics: “A Guide to Getting Your Head on”.

Shitscared: Motorcycle jump.

News Desk Update:

* The Family
* Kieren Perkins (Jase).

Murder She Wrote: The Killing Fields.

Commercial Crimestoppers:

* Ken Bruce and Madonna in the audience

Commercial Crimestoppers

Commercial Crimestoppers

Tony’s Grandmother’s Guide to Barcelona.

Ads: Flee to Malaysia month, Desperate to lose weight, Baghdad Self Storage.

Graham and the Colonel.

Closing: Robert Fidgeon’s cartoons, worst album covers.

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