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Season 1 Episode 4

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday August 8, 1992

Rodney King.


Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks (Tony and Santo): Tony’s Appendix, The Drug Offensive, Word of the Week “Kelty”.

News Desk:

* War in Yugoslavia
* Student protests
* Humphrey B. Bear
* Rodney King assault
* Detention centres
* Bruce McAvaney (Rob) & John Walker (Mick)
* New Zealand ad
* Lisa Ondieki (Jane)
* Queen Mother’s 92nd Birthday.

Shout Motors.

Shout Motors

Shout Motors

Street Interviews: “Interesting Shops”.

The Dishevelled Gentleman.

Songs of the Highlands.

Monotony: The board game.


* Hey Dad
* Drinking game
* Hey Dad tapes to the needy
* Nudge-a-thon.

Barcelona 92: Mormon Pursuit Team

Peter the Audio Operator.

The Olden Days: Episode Four “Stupid Hat Day”.

Racial stereotypes with Luigi Spaghetti.

Barcelona 92: Paper Boy Pursuit.

Backing singers.

Backing singers

Backing singers

Shitscared: World speed skiing record attempt.

Toilet Break: Natural Seven “Heatwave”.

News Desk Update:

* UN Convoy
* Bruce McAvaney in Bosnia (Rob)
* Peter Landy (Rob)
* Leonard Cheshire memorial service
* Olympic marathon

Pissweak World.

Pissweak World

Pissweak World

Olympic Hero Fax.

Graham and the Colonel. Various Olympic events.

Closing: Worst album covers.

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