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Season 1 Episode 8

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday September 5, 1992

Beadle’s A Prick.


Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Toxic waste, Naughtiest Home Video Show.

News Desk:
* George Bush
* Compass Airlines
* John Hewson on Japanese trade practices
* Sydney Harbour tunnel
* Iraq exclusion zone
* Naughtiest Home Video Show
* Stompon Ground
* 1992 Paralympics
* Prince Charles (Tony).

Pathetic Island.

Father’s Day Gifts.


The Olden Days: Episode Eight “No Singing Allowed!”.

Muckraking: Naughtiest Home Video Show, Sophie Lee’s Sex Show.

Shirty The Slightly Aggressive Bear: Shirty plays with Toby.

On The Couch: John Bannon, Complaint letter – white skivvies.

Countdown Classics: “The Telephone in Music”. ELO, Stevie Wonder, City Boy, Tommy Tutone, Paul Evans, ABBA.

Pissweak World Fun Park.


Sink The Slipper: Bruce Ruxton.

Toilet Break: The Natural Seven “Son of a Preacher Man”.

Geoff and Terry Bailey: Travel Talk.

The Spaz Family.

Tony’s Stand Up: Tony’s father.

Commercial Crimestoppers: “Ladies Edition”: International Cellulite Clinic, unnamed weight loss ad, Ever Style Furniture.


Charlie wanders backstage.

Special Pet Funerals.

Graham and the Colonel. Paralympics, toxic waste, Fiji national anthem, the Lady Colonel, Stompon Ground.

Closing: Bert Newton Art Competition, worst album covers.


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  1. I like ELO, and City Boy’s single, 5-7-0-5. Should I admit to that?

    Was this the episode where Tony did his Doug Mulray impersonation?

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