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Season 1 Episode 9

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday September 12, 1992

Mick replacement announcement by Tony.


Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks (With Myrtle Woods replacing Mick):

News Desk:
* F.W.De Klerk (Rob)
* Bosnian war
* Marijuana deterrent
* Tricontinental Bank
* lost Beatles songs
* fifth Beatle.

Shitscared Promo: with Rob and Myrtle Woods.

20 Inappropriate Love Themes Volume 2.

Sink The Slipper: Joan Kirner.


Bronwyn McInerney Queen of the Catalogues.

Muckraking: Hey Dad, Aussie Joe Bugner, little fat kid.

Shirty The Slightly Aggressive Bear: Shirty plays with Muffin.

The Olden Days: Episode Nine “We Want Muttonchops!”.


“I’m One of Those Beautiful American Singers”: Jane singing.

The Spaz Family: Promo.

Paralympics News Reading.

Street Interviews: “What show would you have taken off air”.


Talking Crap: with Justin Chardonnay (Tony) and Nigel Rhine-Riesling (Jase).

Shitscared: Storm Boy 2.

Take-away food.

1992 Pot Black Championships: Eddie Charlton v Mick Molloy.


Toilet Break: The Natural Seven “Fly Me To The Moon”.

News Desk Update:
* South African massacre
* Tajikistan’s President
* Beirut hostages
* Jeff Fenech
* Paralympics.

1992 Pot Black Championships: Part 2.

Shirty The Slightly Aggressive Bear: Toby looks through the window.


Graham and the Colonel: US Tennis Open, Jeff Fenech, Let’s Elope, greyhounds, Arab-Israeli timeshare theory.

Closing: Bert Newton Art Competition, Japanese Bert Look-a-like, Bertwatch, worst album cover.

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