20 Year Anniversary of Martin/Molloy

A misguided production in association with half baked ideas and ill-conceived concepts proprietry limited.

A misguided production in association with half baked ideas and ill-conceived concepts proprietry limited.

“…Aaaaaand today…!”

No, they weren’t the first words uttered by one Tony Martin, but they ended up being a signature intro to the beginning of just about every episode afterwards of a drive time radio show on the Austereo Today Network.

It’s been two years since the end of the cult classic late night entertainment that was The Late Show, and it wasn’t until Monday April 17, 1995, when skinny pale New Zealander Tony Martin and beer drinking, Winnie Blue puffing Mick Molloy continued their friendship from ABC TV to drive-time radio – Martin/Molloy.

Mick Molloy (R) and Tony Martin (L)

Mick Molloy (R) and Tony Martin (L)

The show ran from 1995 – 1998, under the producing influence of radio stars Peter Grace, Emma Moss and Sancia Robinson, controlled audio-wise by Nigel Haines, Daryl Missen, Steve Woods, Scott Muller and Vicki Marr and relatively unknown up-and-comer Pete Smith (who is still cutting his teeth in the industry – he’ll make it one day), Martin/Molloy was full of sketches, politics, minor to major guest stars, as well as plenty of catch-phrases  that are still iconic and memorable to present day. No-one knew how big of a show Martin/Molloy was going to be, yet alone becoming a landmark and inspiration to many people who are now radio personalities, show producers and audio producers (such as myself… shhh!)

From 4 – 6pm weekdays, as soon as you hear Tinman – 18 Strings play, followed by Pete Smith‘s voiceover, you knew that you had to stop doing your homework or driving your car to tune in for two hours of toilet humour. The show’s ending consisted of Boz Scaggs – Lowdown, which was a bummer as you would hear Ugly Phil’s Hot 30 not long after.

The show was so successful, 3 x 2 disc comedy albums were released (The Brown Album, Poop Chute, Eat Your Peas), which all three achieved ARIA Award winning status, as well as 3 comic books. And well deserved too.

Blimpy The Lactose Intolerant Cat, Blast FM, Radio Gladiators, Tum & Phul, Patrick Stewart using Maccas Drive-Thru, Please Explain (later changed to Peas Explain to promote “Eat Your Peas” album in 1998), What’s All That About?, Paul Hester‘s fruit bowl, Eden Gaha with his hand up a cow’s arse, Arthur Tunstall, Pete The Clown … we remember them all.

Apparently the guys still owe money to Michael Gudinski for studio time.

Oh, and also Mal Colston’s son and his infamous quote “Get the f**k off of my property! GET OFF!”.PeteSmithBanner

Quick sound grabs and Tony’s impeccable voice impersonations along with Mick’s ‘angry’ persona for the common man made award-winning commercial radio comedy, broadcasting from the FOX FM studios in Melbourne and broadcasting across this big brown flat mysterious crazy country (apologies, Pete!), streamed to 2DAY FM Sydney, B105 Brisbane, SAFM Adelaide, PMFM Perth, 104.7 Canberra, NXFM Newcastle and other cousin stations. Everyone from around Australia would call in for Radio Gladiators on 1800 657 657 to win a 3 pack of CDs. Then after the show finished, we’d log on to the world wide web with our 14.4k modems and visit martinmolloy.village.com.au to see what’s on the show next.

As a special treat for you, here’s the very first show. Thanks to Mason Hell-Cat of this CC forum who supplied their own cassette tape version.

Stay tuned to this site as we have an interview coming soon from one of the members of the Martin/Molloy team, and maybe a ‘behind the scenes’ for you.

Congratulations Tony and Mick on having the best radio show to rule the Australian airwaves!

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