Bargearse’s Real Voice



As soon as you see this donut-loving, beer-drinking face, we recognise him as Detective Sergeant Bargearse.

Or in other cases, the police officer known as Bluey, played by the late Lucky Grills in the 1970s.

For the ones who weren’t born in the 70s and had never seen the Crawfords Production that originally screened, we only know the re-dubbed by The Late Show cast, mainly with Tony Martin voicing Bargey-Wargeyarse. While there is currently no DVD release by Crawfords themselves, and rare clips of Bluey on YouTube, we will only find random snippets in anniversary specials.

Such as these two scenes used in a “40 Years Of Australian Television” special by Channel 9 from 1995. Skip to 25:58 if unsure.



While Bargearse itself was a blended mix of various scenes chopped together to make the joke, the most noticeable parts used in the video above were:

1) “Where Are Me Bloody Chips?” (1:21s)

2) The Opening Titles (0:37s)

Blink and you’ll miss it.

Oh, and as an added extra – the original opening titles to Bluey, using the same theme music as Channel 9’s World Series Cricket.

The original theme is New Horizons by Brian Bennett.

While the music used for Bargearse is Wild Waters by Keith Mansfield, Alessandro Rizzo, and Elliot Ireland.

Both tracks are from the KPM Production Library, available through EMI Music.

Now, Crawfords – where are me bloody DVD releases?


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