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We are currently in the process of writing episode guides and reviews for The Late Show and related shows, so check the Episode Guide menu often or check this page for updates. All the guides and reviews have been written by contributors to this site.

Presently this list is incomplete but is a work in progress.

A River Somewhere

All Aussie Adventures

Audrey’s Kitchen


Funky Squad

Have You Been Paying Attention?

The Hollowmen

The Joy of Sets

The Late Show

The Mick Molloy Show

The Nation

Pictures Of You

Thank God You’re Here



“You know, during the course of every week, we turn our comedy flamethrower onto a vast range of subjects. But every now and again, the razor sharp edge of our wit results in a piece of comedy that rises above the normally excellent standard of topicality and satire and becomes truly Champagne sketch comedy!” – Rob Sitch