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AQFB Article: How Melbourne Became Cool

If you have seen the film Any Questions For Ben? you’d notice how Director Rob Sitch captures the essence of Melbourne. In  fact, journalist Angela Saurine has done one further, and had a one-on-one chat with Sitch to get a rundown on some of the best hot spots of Melbourne. From cafes to rooftop cinemas, …

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The Late Show gets the Bergamui Bronze

A nostaglic past to 1992 (like everything on this site) and we dive into an old issue of TV Hits magazine. As voted by readers, The Late Show sits in at Bergamui Number 3, beating the little fat kid from Hey Dad..! and a few others. The listing is as follows (don’t forget, it was 1992!) …

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Jane Kennedy flashes back to 1992

Thanks to menagers for scanning the magazine article 13 schoolyards pointed out featuring Jane Kennedy, former Late Show cast member, looking back on the good old year of 1992. “When I see this photo, which also shows I clearly didn’t know you could get your eyebrows shaped, I have to wonder why I was wearing …

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The Late Show: Juice Magazine

Thanks to Menagers for The Late Show Juice magazine article dated September 1993. Ah, how we remember it. Click the thumbnails for full size versions of this five-page article, Decoding the D-Generation.

TV Hits 1994

How I remember this article… and thanks SO MUCH to Matt for sending it in to me, who received it from joey_macka. It was a 1994 article from TV Hits, soon after The Late Show had ended and the ABC was repeating the series on Wednesday nights. Several people had requested a top-up dose of their favourite comedy team. Are you …

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