HYBPA Return, All-Star Family Feud special and more

Synchronise your watches and get your PVRs ready, as the Working Dog team are ready to hit your TV screens again.


First off the rank – Join Have You Been Paying Attention‘s  Tom Gleisner, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee as they go face-to-face with the team from The Living Room on Channel 10’s All-Star Family Feud special, hosted by Grant Denyer. At a special time of 7:30pm Wednesday 27th April on Channel 10.


Second of all – Have You Been Paying Attention? returns for a fifth season. With regulars Sam Pang, Ed Kavalee and Quiz Master Tom Gleisner plus random and regular guests ready to give you cheeky belly laughs – HYPBA? returns Monday May 9 at 8:30pm on Channel 10.

Third – No official announcement yet on the start date for Working Dog‘s animated series Pacific Heat for Foxtel, other than sometime around May, 2016 – after it was delayed from a 2015 broadcast.

Still Number Four – No word yet for a third season of Utopia, as seen on ABC TV. But the series has been getting a replay on ABC.



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