HYBPA Returning in 2021

Pang, Gleisner, Logie, Kavalee.

2020 may be a year that’s been in the dumps, but there’s always time for good news to look forward to in regards to a new year.

Announced during 10 Upfronts 2021, a few key shows are returning to Channel 10 and their multi-channels. One of the key shows returning is Have You Been Paying Attention? – back in 2021 for its ninth season.

Continuing with Tom Gleisner as Quizmaster and Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang as regular panelists, the weekly news quiz show continues to be a ratings success for Working Dog and Channel 10, often winning the Monday night time slot (and winning Logies along the way).

Being the ninth season, HYBPA? continues to be the longest running TV production that the Working Dog team have created, with The Panel running for 7 seasons. The Panel, however, created 237 episodes, while HYBPA? has churned out just over 200 episodes presently. Running from the current calculations of how many episodes produced per season, Season 9 will help reach the 237 episode target, give or take.


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    • Charles on April 3, 2021 at 6:46 pm
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    When the show returns in 2021 it will be in “its” ninth season, not ‘it’s’ ninth season

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