Interview: Skivvies Are Back for The Sharp’s Piet Collins

If you see someone wearing a piece of figure-hugging clothing that covers the neck, arms, torso and looking just a little bit daggy, you’re probably looking at a skivvy.

What makes it more entertaining for you, is that you now have this song in your head:

The lampooning of Australian rockabilly group The Sharp‘s 1993 hit single Scratch My Back done on The Late Show became so iconic, it borderline beats the original hit song.

With Rob Sitch, Jason Stephens and Santo Cilauro parodying band members Charlie Rooke, Allan Catlin and Piet Collins with their choice of uniform and body movements, it was more than necessary for the Champagne Comedy Podcast to reach out to one of the original band members to get their thoughts on the homage, nearly 30 years since the original broadcast (Season 2 Episode 15).

Original Sharp drummer Collins reveals his thoughts in the video below.

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    • Robin J on June 20, 2022 at 8:50 am
    • Reply

    For anyone who may be curious, the Sonic Tripod album by The Sharp is a very fine, underrated album. “Honest & Sober” is a great forgotten Australian single, something very Neil Finn-esque about it.

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