Judith Lucy – Nothing Fancy Interview

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Judith Lucy, the “Fifth Beatle” to The Late Show in 1993, is on tour with her latest show Nothing Fancy.

In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Lucy talks about her previous stage shows, her 2011 TV show on the ABC Spiritual Journey and her 2008 book The Judith Lucy Alphabet.

Here’s a tiny excerpt below:

Her new stand-up show, Nothing Fancy, is just that – plain old joke-telling. No song-and-dance routines, no leaping out of a coffin as she did a decade ago for Colour Me Judith, which opened in Melbourne just months after her father died. This time it’s just gags on stage – a situation where Lucy is, quite possibly, at her happiest: ”Despite the fact that I might fight it, stand-up does continue to be the backbone of my career.”

She may love telling jokes to an audience but Lucy has an on-off relationship with touring. During the 2006 tour of I Failed!, her anxiety brought on eczema. Midway through her last tour, in 2009, she ”went a little crazy”.

”Even though I really loved doing the show, it was a really long tour,” she says. ”I also got really sick and I cancelled a show for the first time ever, in Melbourne. It was just so much time on my own and I thought, ‘This is a bit nuts’.”

The answer for Nothing Fancy is to reduce the number of performances per week in Sydney and deliver short seasons in large venues for the rest of the tour.

Read the full interview here.

Judith Lucy – Nothing Fancy is at the Sydney Comedy Store from February 2 to March 25. Purchase tickets online at www.comedystore.com.au

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