Martin/Molloy in NFSA’s “Sounds of Australia”

Mick Molloy (R) and Tony Martin (L)

A big congratulations to Tony Martin and Mick Molloy becoming more embedded into Australian culture than ever before, thanks to the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, and the reporting from RadioInfo.

Back in 2013, Martin donated his Martin/Molloy collection for preservation for generations to come. Fast forward to 2020, the iconic drive time radio show that ran on SCA’s (formerly Austereo) Today Network from 1995 to 1998 has now become part of the NFSA’s “Sounds of Australia” collection.

The example snippet provided is Mick’s “Celebrity Corner”, with Martin impersonating then Prime Minister John Howard, talking to Molloy and comparing the show with John Laws’ programme.

What’s even more amusing with being an entrant to the “Sounds of Australia“, is they sit along side with Silverchair – a constant running joke that Martin/Molloy had with the Newcastle band.

Check out the “Sounds of Australia” collection here.


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