Mick Molloy’s new show!

The Nation promo – Mick’s new show


Thanks to 13schoolyards who has the scoop from the man himself – it sounds great.

*The Nation isn’t a panel chat show – rather, it’s a fake news program, with skits, sketches, fake news, comments, etc. Supposedly the idea is to keep the format loose enough so Mick and company can do pretty much whatever they like.

*The cast is Mick, Gary Eck, Akmal Saleh and Nikki Osbourne. The writers include Mick and his brother Richard.

*No-one from the old Mick Molloy Show is involved – no Tone, no Judith, no Bob Franklin. Mick said he couldn’t ask any of them to put themselves on the line again – this time it’s all him if it goes wrong.

*It is going to be on Tuesdays at 9.30pm – probably starting the first Tuesday in June. It’s not live, but they’re going to tape it about two hours before it goes to air to keep it topical.

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