Official ‘Get This’ Podcasts on Tony’s official YouTube

Tony Martin, Ed Kavalee, Richard Marsland

If you are a latecomer to Tony Martin’s radio show Get This which ran on Triple M from 2006 – 2007 and not 100% tech-savvy with your electronic device, here’s a solution for you.

Since the axing of the popular radio show in 2007 – hosted by Martin, with co-host Ed Kavalee and Panel Operator Richard Marsland – the official podcasts that were put together by Matt ‘Pots n Pans’ Dower were removed from the Triple M podcast feed. Those podcasts plus unofficial full episode bootlegs lived on through unofficial fan sites *cough* and podcast channels which were paid for by fans themselves. But there was not any ‘official’ location to listen to the glory days of interviews with John “1 Cent” Howard, plum distress, and Warwick Capper “calling” his mates.

Over the last few weeks, the original podcasts have been released on the Tony Martin’s SIZZLETOWN YouTube channel, along with other bits and pieces from the show, such as behind the scenes photos and individual sketches.

So now you can jump directly onto YouTube and show your work colleague / partner / unnamed source why you keep referring to things being ‘dizzy stuff’, and explain to the parking officer that you’ve been parked there for ‘at least 30 seconds’.

Still unsure what the show was all about? Here’s a brief explainer here.

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