Updated: Our 8 Cents A Day For 2015

Watching our budget, plummet through the floor.

“Watching our budget, plummet through the floor.”

In a world where the Australian Government looms an axe over the heads of ABC and SBS to save money, the announcement today of new and renewed shows for the ABC has been released.

And guess what?

Tony and Co from the Nation Building Authority are returning to build something that’s not there for Season Two of Working Dog‘s Utopia for 2015.

Staying with the ABC, Season Two regular of The Late Show Judith Lucy comes back to TV after her previous stint filling in as a film critic to star in another solo project – Judith Lucy Is All Woman. This show has already been filmed and in the can and was scheduled to play in 2014, but will now see the light of day in 2015.

… and since we’re here…

While the news is a couple of weeks old, Working Dog are currently working on Pacific Heat – Australia’s first adult animated comedy series, which will screen on Foxtel next year.

Here’s to 2015! (and maybe rating more than Number Four…)

UPDATE: At a presentation launch of programs, Channel 10 has announced that Have You Been Paying Attention? is returning in 2015.


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