Radio A Game Changer For Molloy

MolloyheadHere’s one for the Mick Molloy fans out there.

While Molloy’s career has expanded over film and television, the area close to his heart is radio.

For over twenty five years, Molloy has wedged his foot in the door in radio broadcasting. From community radio 3CR, to Triple M, The TODAY Network and back to Triple M again, he is a comedic radio veteran.

He recently sat down with former National Head of Content for SCA Craig Bruce for a podcast called Game Changers – a behind-the-scenes look in radio, covering successes, failures and backgrounds of radio talent on-air and off-air.

In the final episode of Season 1:

  • Bruce probes Molloy on how he got his start with The D-Generation Breakfast Show
  • How much did he rely on The Late Show for profile
  • How Martin/Molloy was formed
  • What was the precursor show to Martin/Molloy (hint: it starts with “B” and ends in “Wang”
  • The infamous rooftop shed
  • How close Going For Bronze nearly involved Martin for a reunion
  • His failures and successes in the industry
  • The one career he always considers his number one gig when everything falls apart

As someone who works in radio, while this one episode is mind-blowingly amazing – the Radio Game Changers podcast is great to listen to if you really want to find out how various talents got to where they are and what’s involved. It isn’t chalk and cheese, but it’s a great industry to work in. No spoilers.

Listen to the preview Bruce’s chat with Molloy:

You can listen to the full episode here:

Or subscribe to Game Changers Radio

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