Rally to save Get This – remember the 5th of November & wear satiny kaftans

The ‘Global Movement To Save Get This’ Facebook group is planning a support rally. Thanks to Simon Hevey for letting me repost his request here. If anyone ends up going, can you take some pics and I’ll post them up here? Thanks

For those of you in Melbourne, and who are interested, a decision has been made on a date for the support rally… it was decided to settle on Monday the 5th of November. We also thought it would be easier to simply hold the rally out front of MMM studios in St Kilda as opposed to marching there from another destination. The rally won’t be about bagging MMM, but about showing support for the show and hopefully getting them some more publicity.

The poll that was originally started to get an idea of numbers has closed and we cannot access it, therefore we have no idea of the sort of numbers that would be turning up.

If you are in Melbourne and are 100% confident you will make the effort to come can you please send an email to GetThisSupportRallyATgmail.com. This will give us an idea of what to expect.

If you are in Sydney or Brisbane there is talk on the discussion boards of a rally and farewell party.

Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=7920856419&topic=3114 .

Things may change depending on the amount of people who are confident they will turn up, but feel free to wear satiny kaftans and bring along “How Come?” and “Assault, Assault” placards.

A farewell party is also planned for the last day of the show at a venue in or around St Kilda.

Again if you are in Melbourne and would be confident of turning up to this, it will be held during the day, please send an email to SaveGetThisFarewellPartyATgmail.com

As we get more details on both events they will be posted in the “Recent News” section of the group.”

October 24, 2007

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