Remembering: Super Challenge

This year marks 20 years since The Late Show was broadcasted on our analogue TVs  Saturday nights at 10pm (July, 1992) and using our 8 & 1/2 cents a day very wisely.

Every fortnight, we’ll try and post a reminder about various segments spanning over the two years of this classic series in which this website is based on.

To begin, how about we avoid the obvious segments and go with more obscure parts of the show… such as an irregular fill-in game show “Super Challenge”. Appearing in Season 2 Episode 12 and Episode 17, it was created to fill in a gap to pad the show so it reaches its hour time limit. Tom Gleisner was the quizmaster, with the teams made up of the cast and two members from the audience. The questions, while topical in some areas, the answers weren’t 100% accurate – with mainly inside jokes happening and Tom accepting them if they were close enough… depending on who wrote the joke question and answer.

There was no clear winner, but the rawness of the quiz was pure gold. Here’s the first Super Challenge from Season 2 Episode 12.


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