Santo Cilauro’s Auto-biography

Behold! Another clipping!

Back in 1993, Santo Cilauro posed with his beloved 1987 Alfa Romeo 33 Boxer for The Australian Magazine (here’s the PDF).

“This car’s always full of junk,” he apologises, “because we film so many things ourselves on The Late Show. There’s an old street directory, for instance, that’s lost its middle pages. “That section between Maps 189 and 222 – I always just hope I don’t have to go there.”



“Alfas are notorious for having their badges stolen. Whenever I have to buy a replacement, I’m sure it’s the one that’s been stolen. At school they teach you about the cycles of the seasons. They should have a diagram for Alfa badges – this is the man who steals it, this is the man he gives it to, this is the man who sells it back to you … “


  1. Who is the owner of the 1987 Mitsubishi Magna?

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