Santo, Sam and Ed Total Football Podcast on iView

You’ve seen the trio on channels SBS, 7Mate and Foxtel.

When they’re not on screen, they’re on iTunes.

But now, the good folks at the ABC are spending our 10 cents a day in fine form, by bringing the successful Santo, Sam and Ed’s Total Football Podcast to iView – in video form.

So, what’s different about their regular audio podcast to the iView edition?

It’s visual. You get to see Snato, Kim Jong Un and the G.E. Money Genie sit in a radio studio and talk their glorious talk with special guests. It’s just like eavesdropping!

The show will be available weekly every Tuesday from 8:30pm, which you can view via or on the program site.

You can also download the audio show via iTunes / Stitcher and through ABC’s radio program site.

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