Socceroos hunt for Late Show episodes

Thanks SO MUCH to Dufflecoat Supreme for finding this rare mention of The Late Show in the Age:

Mark, Santo Show

MARK Viduka [of the Australian World Cup team, the Socceroos] is another who will return home with good memories, albeit not necessarily from his field exploits. On one occasion during a player-media get-together he spotted TV personality Santo Cilauro. Obviously a fan from way back, Viduka asked Cilauro, who starred in the 1990s comedy sketch The Late Show, did he have any copies of the show with him in Germany. Told that he didn’t, Viduka responded: “Come on Santo, you must have some, you must. The boys really need to see some.” Obviously disappointed that Cilauro couldn’t help, Viduka walked away but got just 20 metres before he turned back and yelled: “Santo, you know the sketch where you had the guy who was your uncle? That was really funny.”

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