Sports Fever! S01E03 Ratings


Sancho, Stan and Ted graced an average 182,000 television screens last night at around 10:37pm (probably an extra 1 million viewers on a two minute Optus time delay are missing somewhere). A wonderful show that if you don’t follow any type of sport, Sports Fever! makes it extremely entertaining.

This week, baseball, parts of the cricket, soccer and darts were covered (with Thor’s Hammer), along with special guests former cricketer Damien Flemming and baseballer Daniel MacGrath dropping in for a chinwag. Also, essences of Cup Fever! were seaping in with new segments:

* Are They Gonna Pash? – highlighting if some sporting players about to go in for the tonsil hockey.. or are they? Ed Kavalee gets his jollys…
* We Watched It So You Didn’t Have To – crazy and boring sporting events that the guys watched and try to find the best parts. The Tour of Qatar had Sam Pang sitting on the edge of his seat with anxiety, while Santo Cilauro was puzzled to see how many sponsors could fit on a sports gun for the Bi-athon World Cup in Oslo.

Missed it? Check program guides for repeats on 7Mate, hit up Sports Fever! Facebook page or watch online for the next seven days on Plus7. I’m off to chase down Mr Snuggles.


    • griff on February 20, 2012 at 12:20 pm
    • Reply

    channel 7 thankyou for putting this program on.
    it is brilliant.
    however, WTF is it doing on at 1045pm?
    please understand the people who watch Sports Fever arent the least bit interested in the lead in program, we just keep switching til it comes on.
    shift your other lame rating 930pm imported shitters over to 1030pm or to your sister channels (as will eventually happen anyway with these ratings triumph B grade sitcoms…)
    as one colleague said to me, “theres nothing but shit on before it mate and im too tired to watch it by then..”

    get the drift?

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