Sports Fever! S01E04 Ratings

Billy Knight in-cognito. Source:

Well done to Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee for getting to their fourth episode on air at such a premium start of 10:46pm.

With the extra dosage of Channel 9’s cricket coverage, in which we can’t get enough of, and more soccer, we had some extra sports covered. This included tryouts for swimming in the olympics and even *gasp* some rugby league coverage.

There was also a special guest from Brisbane, Billy Knight, who appeared to be a doppleganger of a 1970’s Rob Sitch if he was in the adult business for bogans. An average 188,000 witnessed the runner-up for the Mud Fields Best False Moustache competition go his rants – in true champagne comedy style. The hallmarks of Graham and The Colonel were there, waiting to be shown (stop teasing us and bring them back, at least once! Maybe the final episode?? *nudge nudge*).

If you missed Santo continuously selling himself as an Italian for many a year, watch the replay on Plus7‘s site when it decides to work, or join in the convo on Sports Fever!’s Facebook page and Twitter @sportsfever7.

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