Stop Laughing… This Is Serious on the ABC


If you’ve been watching episodes of Mad As Hell and Judith Lucy Is All Woman. you may have noticed a few promos in between shows.

Stop Laughing… This Is Serious is one of 13 new documentaries that was given the green light from Screen Australia‘s $13.8 million budget.

Stop Laughing… will be narrated by Eric Bana and it takes a look behind the scenes of Australia’s treasure trove of live and sketch comedy, with interviews from the creme de la creme of talent – Barry Humphries, Jane Turner, Shaun Micallef, Andrew Denton, Tony Martin, Mick Molloy, Judith Lucy, Santo Cilauro… just to name a few.

Going by the trailer, it’ll cover comedy from ABC and commercial channels.

The three part documentary will begin airing Wednesday March 25 at 9pm on your ABC.

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