The Late Show and Frontline DVD Re-Releases review

Just in time for Christmas, the good folk at ABC Entertains Me have compiled classic favourites of The Late Show and Bargearse & The Olden Days, as well as all three seasons Frontline into neat little box sets.

Let’s take a look at box set number one – The Champagne Edition Box Set.

Arriving in a sleek cardboard sleeve – consisting of The Best Bits of The Late Show Volumes 1, 2 and 3, the original two disc DVD set was released in 2001 – over fifteen years ago! After they disappeared from shelves, they became a collectors item and rare as hens teeth to find a DVD set that wasn’t completely worn out, nor used as a coaster.

All six hours and three volumes are here, with all the sketches we know, love, and legally allowed to see. The physical DVD design itself has had a new coat of paint – stepping away from the ‘champagne’ look to the more colourful look of the stylized font and black usage. All easter eggs are still intact.

Flip over the middle disc, and the ABC have inserted the 2007 DVD release of Bargearse and The Olden Days. They even fixed the “Presents” part as the original DVD print was missing “The Late Show” title in the design. Relive the flatulence of Det Sgt Bargearse, on a mission to get his shitload of dim-sims and fighting crime, while Gov Frontbottom demands to be taken seriously while Sgt Olden keeps stealing his limelight in The Olden Days. All easter eggs still feature on the DVD.

The downside to this spiffy box set is that the original physical booklet guide is no longer included. However, there are instructions to download the PDF in high quality resolution from their site:

Now, onto the second DVD box set, and we see Journalist and TV personality Mike Moore delivering the truth in the Working Dog production current affairs spoof Frontline.

Arriving in a cardboard sleeve, hugging a durable plastic DVD casing – in this polished box set, all three seasons (6 DVD) are together in the one casing. Not separate season casings – all in the one case.

Re-live Frontline host Mike Moore tackle the big issues of local affairs, such as being a celebrity, making a coffee, attending charity tournaments, and trying to win over the affection of fellow reporters Martin Di Stasio, Brooke Vandenberg and fellow staff members.

With a run time of 1035 minutes total, you’ll have a binge session and realise nothing has changed in the real world since Frontline was on our screens in 1994. Don’t expect any extras though with this set, as it’s a well-known style that Working Dog don’t add any behind-the-scenes as they tend to have moved on to newer projects to focus their energy on.

So the big question: Why should I buy these?

If you already own the original prints, then these new release box sets are great to get to replenish any of your old, worn and damaged DVDs. Believe me, I’ve given mine a big work out. Plus, when these DVDs were originally released, DVDs weren’t 100% the norm. Now they are. Also, it’ll be great to show a new generation what the world was like in the early 1990s. These sets are a fantastic time capsule of what was happening, the taste, tone and humour which you can get for a dime a dozen on YouTube and podcasts.

Plus, if you never originally owned these shows on DVD, now you can!

Do yourself a favour – don’t buy from these guys though…

Both boxsets are presented in glorious 4:3 – which was the style at the time – and available now from ABC Store online (Frontline | The Late Show / Olden Days / Bargearse) and any good retailers. Check pricing where applicable.

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