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Season 1 Episode 5

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday August 15, 1992

ABC Tonight’s line up: Elle McPherson, Kokoda Legacy.


Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Elle’s Bali special, Bullshit story, Where’s Jase? (The Three Investigators), Jase’s dressing room.

News Desk:

* UN evacuate Bosnia
* Concentration camps
* Australian dollar
* Leyland Brother’s World
* George Bush (Rob)
* Phil Tufnel bowled
* 4WD through Parliament House
* Leyland Brothers

Blitzkrieg Shampoo.

Understanding Wogs: Uncle Alberto’s house and in audience.


Countdown Classics: “Music is like a Drug”.

The Olden Days: Episode Five “Incident at Frontbottoms”.

Mick’s 1993 calendar.

Vietnam – The Aftermath.

Setting Up a Video Shop: Tony. Philip Brady as the celebrity stooge.


Commercial Crimestoppers:

* Massaro Motors
* Thigh Blaster
* Communication Brokers update

Barcelona 92: Paper Boy Pursuit.

Toilet Break: The Four Kinsmen “Green Door”.

News Desk Update:

* Children of God sect
* Fake souvenirs
* Ice T
* 4WD through Parliament House.

Wankarola Mobile Phones.


Mick and Jase’s holiday slide show to Egg World Aaron Beaucaire Appearance.

Ads: Accent on Lunacy Driving School, Embarrassing Hairpieces, Jeans ‘n’ Stuff All Else.

TV extras: with guests Guy Pearce and Lucinda Cowden from ‘Neighbours’.

Graham and the Colonel. Injured athletes, Colonel’s poem, Elle McPherson’s doco.


Closing: Worst album covers

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  1. I went on a drive by pilgrimage to Uncle Alberto’s house.

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