Tony Martin’s podcast is Childproof

2017 is a busy year for Tony Martin.

When he’s not appearing in Ed Kavalee‘s T.E.A.M. Effort podcast, or popping up for a 10 minute filler on Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny breakfast show, or threatening some deadly kerfuffle with his first novel Deadly Kerfuffle in November, he’s been working hard on a new premise.

CHILDPROOF is one of a few TV sitcom pitches that Martin has written, which unfortunately has not received any takers in the industry to transform to our flat screens. Co-written with Sarina Rowell, CHILDPROOF covers the topic of people who choose not to have children. But due to that Martin has been told that the sitcom is ‘too niche’, he has decided to adapt his work into a podcast.

Martin appeared on Studio 10 on Monday to discuss more.

Co-starring Geraldine Quinn, CHILDPROOF will be recorded live in front of a live audience at the Melbourne Fringe Festival September 20 – 22. CHILDPROOF will be a 6 episode series and will be available as a podcast for free. You want to experience the recording in person, you can purchase tickets now.

Without a doubt, we will provide a link when the podcast is available.


  1. This was an entertaining interview.

    Although Tony once made jokes about daytime television, and the kinds of people who watch it, it seems that it is not beneath him to appear on it.

    (By the way, I recorded Studio 10, and watched it after HYBPA).

  2. I have been listening to Childproof on a weekly basis.

    I find it entertaining. I enjoy the narrator, setting up each scene for listeners.

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