Tony Martin’s SIZZLETOWN returning Feb 7

Birds are dumb.

Or so The Pikelet Man believes.

The highly popular late night call in podcast Tony Martin’s SIZZLETOWN is returning to our earbuds February 7, 2019.

Hosted by Tony Martin and under the button-pushing of Matt “Pots N Pans” Dower, SIZZLETOWN takes phone calls from various forms of life, with Martin trying to decipher each call, while Dower supplies the vast library of sound effects (three) and dealing with the dolphin black market.

The thinly veiled satire of Tony’s background in radio will guarantee to give you a decent laugh – whether it is the mysterious bees that appear out of nowhere when a certain word is mentioned, or the mis-adventures of Dion who is an ‘ideas man’, or what sexist stand-up is happening at The Busted Nut comedy store, and random celebrity guests, SIZZLETOWN will definitely have you entertained for 30 minutes of your life every fortnight.

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So… what’s it gonna beeeee?

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PS: If you like what you hear from Season One, do yourself a favour and show the love by voting for them in the Australian Podcast Awards.


    • Scott McPhee on February 19, 2019 at 12:27 pm
    • Reply

    The latest Sizzletown was entertaining stuff. Apart from the character, Dion, I was amused by the voice over person. Who, in your opinion, could this character have been based on? Someone suggested John Stanton. I was reminded of Frank Thring.

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