Undiscovered Masterpieces: D-Generation Blooper Reel

We all need a good laugh, but how often do the people who give us that ‘laugh’, end up laughing themselves?

While bloopers were common on The Late Show, their earlier sketch series The D-Generation in 1986 – 1987 were … quality… produced sketches which had little to none errors in them before they went to air.

While we survive off the compilations that were released on VHS / DVD / iTunes, we never really saw any behind-the-scenes of the series. But thanks to the internet and YouTuber ‘A Wells’, they uploaded a goof reel compilation from the ABC. These goof reels were common back in the day and are usually shown internally, way before anything like the internet was around. So whenever you stumble across these tapes, they may be very politically incorrect in hindsight.

One of the videos ‘A Wells’ uploaded was a 1 hour length goof reel which contained just over 1 minute worth of footage of The D-Generation. In the blooper, Magda Szubanski is meant to be interviewing Marg Downey and continuously fluffing her lines. In the other blooper, there is a bucks party that’s in place with Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro, Michael Veitch and John Harrison. They get so far in to it, only for Harrison to fluff it, annoying Sitch in the process.

For the full goof tape (with the D-Generation snippet at 9m 06s), just click here.

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