What to expect in 2023

Hello and welcome to 2023 (If you’re reading this long after, welcome to what possibly happened in 2023)!

Here’s what we know that’s happening in the ‘Champagne Comediverse‘. Obviously, everything is subject to change.

In no particular order:


Tony (Rob Sitch) and the team at the Nation Building Authority are returning for a fifth season of the highly successful and multi award winning comedy series that pokes fun* at government departments.

Utopia Season 5 will return on the ABC later in 2023.

* Viewers who work in government departments claim it’s a documentary.

Utopia on ABC iView.

Have You Been Paying Attention?

Quizmaster Tom Gleisner, notable players Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang and a rotating roster of players are coming back for an eleventh season to test their knowledge on the week’s events. The multi award winning quiz show has no set schedule as yet, but it’ll most likely be returning around May on Monday nights 8:30 / 8:40pm on Channel 10.

Have You Been Paying Attention on 10Play.

The Cheap Seats

The wrap-up of weekly events with sharp punchlines and goofiness is returning for a third season. Hosts Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald will be ready to deliver the topical news and headlines to you, alongside special guests joining them on the desk. The Logie nominated panel show does not have a schedule yet, but will most likely return around April on Tuesday nights 8:30 / 8:40pm on Channel 10.

The Cheap Seats on 10Play.

The Front Bar

Mick Molloy is returning for more rounds alongside Sam Pang and Andy Maher to talk more footy, sport, beer and more footy. 37 episodes are being lined up, and the Logie nominated sports panel show will be returning Wednesday February 1st. Check the TV schedule when it gets closer.

The Front Bar on 7Plus.

Tony Martin’s SIZZLETOWN

After a financial stamp of approval from Roundabout Accountants, Tony Martin will be bringing back his late night call-in podcast with the assistance of Matty Dower on the ‘potsnpans’ to give more laughs, conspiracy theories, and hopefully more song surprises with the award-winning SIZZLETOWN podcast.

No set time yet on the return and the frequency of episode release, so subscribe to Tony Martin’s SIZZLETOWN on your favourite podcast provider, buy some merchandise, and enjoy some food and beverage from past and present sponsors.

Tony Martin’s SIZZLETOWN official site.

Sports Bizarre

Mick Molloy and Titus O’Reily surprised us all with this podcast in 2022, talking about various histories and stories of sports and sporting events that seem too good to be true.  Sports Bizarre will return sometime in 2023, so subscribe via your favourite podcast provider so you’ll be the first to know when the newest episode drops.

Sports Bizarre on iTunes.


Tom Gleisner is taking to the theatre stage again (see 2014’s The Speechmaker) with BLOOM at the Arts Centre Melbourne Playhouse.

To quote:

Bloom is a funny, big-hearted new musical that celebrates the power of music to connect us across generations, starring comedian Anne Edmonds alongside Frankie J. Holden and Vidya Makan.


The schedule for Bloom is from 18th July to 19th August 2023. Tickets go on sale 30th March 2023. For more information, visit Melbourne Theatre Company’s site.

Mick Molloy for Triple M Sydney Breakfast 

After taking a radio sabbatical in 2022, Mick Molloy is again returning to Triple M, but this time back in breakfast, and in Sydney. Molloy is teaming up with Mark “MG” Geyer to talk all things sport and comedy on Triple M Sydney, beginning early 2023. You’ll be able to listen in on 104.9FM if you’re in Sydney, listen online via the LISTNR app, or the podcast when it becomes available.

Judith Lucy quits stand-up

After doing the comedy circuit for over 30 years, Judith Lucy has pulled up stumps on the stand-up gig routine. But, Judith will still be doing other activities. There’s books, podcasts, “In conversation” pieces, TV appearances. Judith is active on Facebook, so you can follow her updates on her official page.

You should be up to date now! If there’s any news we’ve missed, feel free to shoot us an e-mail, or comment below.

Dovetail: 2023 also marks the 30th anniversary of The Late Show Season Two, just so you know….

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