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Apr 10

The Champagne Comedy forum

Regular visitors to the Champagne Comedy forum are probably noticing the database errors that show up when you try to access it. This is because our host recently upgraded the database software on our shared server (PHP), and our forum (which has not been upgraded in a while) is incompatible with it. During the “donation …

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Oct 23

Aaaannnnd Today!….

After 6 years of using an old system which didn’t get upgraded, we missed the boat and had to do things the hard way. With a front page that didn’t get updated much, being spammed like no tomorrow, and other dilemmas, we employed Geoff & Terry Bailey for $50 to give us a makeover we …

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Jan 25

Champagne Comedy – welcome!

Hi everyone! Are you a fan of The Late Show? Did you Endure Birds of a Feather which came on just before The Late Show, just so you could set the VCR to record every precious second of the show? Get a copy of the Best of DVDs or VCRs from an older sibling and become hooked …

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Nov 17

London Save Get This Rally – the slideshow!

[tube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byN4dYpn460[/tube] The London Save Get This Rally – to check out how it all went, listen to the audio and watch the clips unfold before your very eyes… thanks to Fran for getting us all together; to Bean for the Jonestown reading and Rob for staying up late editing the slideshow. and to me, for working …

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Nov 12

London Get This Rally on 17 November

The London Save Get This Rally is happening on 17 November! Thanks to Bean and Francesca for organising it. Meet at midday near the river entrance to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside. Your Champagne Comedy representative plans to be there, so pictures and footage of the, er, ‘pseudo flash mob’ (can’t call …

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