Aaaannnnd Today!….

After 6 years of using an old system which didn’t get upgraded, we missed the boat and had to do things the hard way.

With a front page that didn’t get updated much, being spammed like no tomorrow, and other dilemmas, we employed Geoff & Terry Bailey for $50 to give us a makeover we desperately needed.

Upon gazing into the technically advanced colour computer system, we’ve updated our style, and now we are looking a little more schmick!

There are a few bits and pieces that are missing, due to them either being out of date or no longer existing on the world wide web. These news bits and pages will be corrected and updated over time. But also now there’s more accessibility! The glory of YouTube gives us all more access to random Late Show segments, plus other valuable ‘hard to get’ items that you may or may not find in the heritage listed Champagne Comedy Forum. We also have Facebook with 8,500 fan geeks and growing.

This site is as close as you can get to the biggest collection of D-Generation / Late Show / Working Dog memorabilia that the internet has to offer. This site is non-profit, and all the members here spend their own time and money to share their collections to one another. So join us! Contribute and enjoy what you could get out of your 8 & 1/2 cents a day!

[notice]This is a fan site only, written by and for the fans who actively support The Late Show and the original cast’s current activities, and this site has been online in some form since 1996. We have nothing to do with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation who originally aired the series – all comments, citations and fan-produced analyses on the site are our own. Got an issue with anything on the main site or in the discussion forum? Let me know at kimgilmour (at) gmail (dot) com.[/notice]

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