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Any Questions For Ben? Getting Social

Have you hopped onto the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon yet? If not – why are you on the internet? Social media is a strong, powerful tool which allows the general public to interact with each other and express thoughts, opinions and discussions about anything at all. You can even interact with your favourite actor, musician …

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Aaaannnnd Today!….

After 6 years of using an old system which didn’t get upgraded, we missed the boat and had to do things the hard way. With a front page that didn’t get updated much, being spammed like no tomorrow, and other dilemmas, we employed Geoff & Terry Bailey for $50 to give us a makeover we …

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Get This rally a success!

The Get This rally today was a roaring success. About 150 people turned up, and Tony, Ed and Richard turned up to give their support to the fans. There are some images on Facebook -in the public gallery for the Global Movement to Save Get This Facebook group and Lucas’s album (Facebook login required).

Apols for lack of updates!

Apols for the lack of updates to the site—I’ve been away for a few months. The forum is still going strong and we are welcoming several new members each week, some of whom didn’t remember The Late Show the first time around and are discovering its comedic genius for the first time, which is great …

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