The 90s: what a time to be alive

Genuine 90s pencil tin with pictures of Keanu, The Simpsons, stress – and The Late Show, of course.

Were you obsessed with The Late Show in the 90s? Depending on how old you were, you either stayed up and watched it, or watched it before you went out on a Saturday night. I was old enough for its M rating, but still in high school. So, when I wasn’t re-watching the tapes throughout the week I spent most of the time adorning my folder, ruler and pencil tins with photos of The Late Show crew (and Keanu Reeves), and collecting TV Week and TV Hits articles about the D-Gen — right until I finished my HSC.

It was about a year ago when I got the chance to finally meet Mick Molloy and Jane Kennedy at their Triple M Long Lunch – where we brought along some of this memorabilia, which I think they found amusing!

The Late Show photos adorning my year 11 folder. Photocopied from the precious originals, of course!
25 years later, our obsession still remains.

Now if only I can find out where my Late Show shirt is… most likely moth-eaten and scrunched up underneath some negatives from the 1993 trip to the Warrumbungles.

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