May 12

TV Hits 1994

How I remember this article… and thanks SO MUCH to Matt for sending it in to me, who received it from joey_macka. It was a 1994 article from TV Hits, soon after The Late Show had ended and the ABC was repeating the series on Wednesday nights. Several people had requested a top-up dose of their favourite comedy team. Are you one of the ones listed?



  1. Joey says:

    I do have that article in my old TV HITS magazine February 1994 issue No.66.
    Actually I have few more articles & pictures about The Late Show in other TV HITS issues too.
    But anyway if I get the chance I have to go through more & should scan them if anyone is interested?
    I still have stacks of TV HITS complete issues from 1992 through to 1994.

    1. shitscared says:

      By all means Joey! E-mail us champagnelateshow at gmail

      1. Joey says:

        Will do.

    2. Nat says:

      Hi Joey – I’m searching for a picture of myself and my sister in TV Hits around 1994, we were competition winners. Can you see if you have the issue with this picture? From memory it was near the back of the magazine and was taken with Salvatore Coco from Heartbreak High. Should be a few girls in the pic.