A Very Special Episode 40 Podcast

Since the pandemic started in 2020, ChampagneComedy.com created Champagne Comedy Podcast  – a discussion with regular contributors to this site over the years, to talk fan commentary and observation on each episode, from the very beginning, as well as other projects that Working Dog and the others have worked on.

We started with The Late Show, and the goal was to review all 40 episodes of the 1992 / 93 series. Our podcast reflected the quality of early episodes – shonky. But now, we have reached our 40th episode, as well as the final episode of The Late Show, and we managed to convince two of the Pissweak Kids – Justin and Nic Anderson – to come on and reflect on their time on the show.

Season 2 Episode 20 featured A Very Charlie Christmas – where Charlie The Wonderdog returns alive and well after an assassination attempt earlier in the season. The Pissweak Kids with Gramps (Charles (Bud) Tingwell) reflect on the adventures that Charlie went on.

“We didn’t think we were coming back” says Justin.
“Yeah, we thought it was well after” says Nic.
Justin adds “They had finished it, and the way they structured the show is that they were gonna have the first half of the series was going to be Charlie The Wonderdog, and the second half was going to be Bargearse.”

Nic and Justin Anderson.

Not to forget, it was the ending of Bargearse – an overdubbed serial of the Crawfords 70s police detective series Bluey, that relied heavily on fart jokes and was the successor to The Olden Days from Season One. While the main star of the series was Lucky Grills, he passed away in 2007, so what a better way in paying tribute to the great man than to speak to his daughter Shanra Grills (who politely answered the phone).

Speaking on the phone to the podcast, Shanra was asked about how the revival of Bluey as Bargearse helped with his newfound status.

“He actually loved it – he was so proud that they brought it back out and especially in the way that they did,” Shanra says, “because it kind of – you know – dispite the fact that he was always popular – it kind of brought everything to life again, and they brought out all the merchandise and everything like that. So he was just absolutely thrilled.”

You can watch (yes, we filmed this episode!) below, or listen just below the video.

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PS: A big thank you to everyone involved, and you – the listener. Stay subscribed to the podcast as we will return!

PPS: The Champagne Comedy Podcast has no association with Working Dog, ABC, the cast, crew or any affiliates.


  1. Who was the little young girl pissweak kid?

    1. The “It’s a stick!” pissweak kid – her name is Mel.

      1. Yeah, the little dark haired pre-teen girl. Melissa or Melanie, i wonder? I was born in 1980 so she can only be a couple of years younger than me. By the way Mick Molloy did a great impression of my half-brother in “Accidentally Was Released”. I still can see the look on poor Dad’s face when we watched it on original TX – born in 1941, he didn’t really understand 1990s comedy.

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