Arnold: “I think we did get their ‘best joke’ in their series of parodies”

On Saturday 26th June 1993, a week after their appearance on Hey Hey It’s Saturday (coincidentally), the Australian folk-rock band Things Of Stone And Wood were about to be lampooned for their ARIA Top 10 hit Happy Birthday Helen, where lead singer Greg Arnold and band members strutted around Melbourne.

The nearly accurate portrayal by Rob Sitch and fellow D-Generation members based the parody of the song and music clip by highlighting landmarks of the original video clip, and mocking the fact that every spot was a ‘Melbourne Cliche’.

On episode 24 of the Champagne Comedy Podcast, Arnold himself sat down for a chat from Geneva (far from Melbourne) to talk in depth about the history of Happy Birthday Helen, as well as his thoughts of the parody that is on par to be their second biggest single they ever made… an extract of the chat is below:

To hear the full interview, listen to Episode 24 of the Champagne Comedy Podcast – a fan podcast made by fans, for the fans.

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A big thank you to Greg Arnold for the chat.

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