Audrey’s Kitchen serves it up

Audrey Gordon:

Working Dog are back on Saturday! … and Sunday!

But not at the desired 10pm slot we all come to love. But here’s something just as good.

Thanks to the hard work of Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro, the tantalising, delicious tastebuds of Audrey Gordon‘s “Tuscan Summer” cookbook has hit the small screen in bite-size portions.

Audrey’s Kitchen delivers delicious and mouth-watering recipes that can add light to your kitchen, which if you’re trying to save power bills, is quite beneficial to the ordinary household. (Unless you are from The Shire).

Watch as Audrey Gordon (Heidi Arena) prepares and cooks quick and easy meals within a 5 minute show, adding her own style of wit and humour to your faux-marble bench top.

With already 4 episodes under her belt, catch Audrey’s Kitchen on the ABC1 main channel – Saturday and Sundays at 6:25pm, or catch up at Audrey’s ABC site.

Catch other bits and pieces at – splendid.

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    • Christyna Dobbins on April 8, 2014 at 8:26 am
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    I’m desperately waiting for a DVD – as an ex-Home Economics teacher (now retired) I just love catching Audrey’s comments (and asides to the guy filming – priceless!). Oh that I could have used such humour in the classroom, but of course, that would definitely NOT have been PC!

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