Boytown at the Barbican

Hi all,
Finally got to see Boytown at tonight’s screening at the Barbican in London.

A heavily-pregnant Sally Phillips came on to say hello and read a note from Mick, who gave us his best wishes. In his message he joked that he may in fact be the father of Sally’s unborn child, and he warned us that the camera added ten pound of weight (on his chin). I was tempted to raise my hand and ask if Boytown Confidential would ever see the light of day but my boyfriend was already embarrassed by the noise I was making taking this crap mobile phone picture.

As for the movie, I really did enjoy it – far better than some of the reviews on our forums at any rate! I’ll be singing their signature tune for the rest of the weekend, that’s for sure.

Oh, and the audience really loved it too … much laughter (and big cheers when Tony Martin made his appearance!). Everyone clapped at the end.

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