Coight Does Mitsubishi

If you’ve been watching Have You Been Paying Attention? on a religious basis, you would have noticed various sponsorships throughout the broadcast run, with the most recent being car manufacturer Mitsubishi.

What a better way to promote their off-road hybrid vehicles than Mr All-Aussie Adventure himself, Russell Coight.

In a collection of TV commercials, Coight does his signature spool on outback adventures with his ‘trusty’ fuel powered 4×4, thinking a particular latte-sipping city-slicker couple with their hybrid won’t survive a day in his neck of the woods.

The entire Russell Coight All Aussie Adventure series is available on DVD and digital.

Dovetail: The male city slicker? Neighbours star Dan Paris.

PS: This site is not sponsored nor has any commercial deal with Mitsubishi or Working Dog.


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