Boris Conley: “Maybe Elliot would be on TikTok during the lockdown”

To celebrate the 50th episode of theChampagne Comedy Podcast, caught up with Frontline‘s “Friday Night Funnyman” Elliot Rhodes, or known privately as Boris Conley.

Boris, a former waiter and performer, shared intriguing details about his time on the popular TV show Frontline and his musical career. From his impromptu piano performances to touring as part of a tribute act, Boris’s journey offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of entertainment.

Boris reminisced about his early days as a waiter, where he would entertain customers by showcasing his showmanship on the piano during slow business hours. His talent and flair for performance were evident, and he admitted to being a bit of a show-off.

During the interview, Boris also discussed his role on Frontline where portrayed the character Elliot Rhodes – an individual with unwavering enthusiasm and self-belief. Despite being oblivious to the attempts of host Mike Moore (Rob Sitch) to remove him, Elliot eventually faces the harsh reality of his situation .

Boris shared that most of his scenes on Frontline were shot in just two days, and he often completed his performances in less than 10 minutes. The contrasting production quality and vibrant colors in Elliot’s scenes, achieved through different filming techniques and transfers, further emphasized the character’s larger-than-life personality.  Boris also provided insights into the filming locations of Frontline. The first series was shot at Ripponlea in the old ABC studios in Melbourne, while the Elliot scenes were filmed in the same studios used for news and current affairs. This unique setting and filming approach contributed to the distinct visual style and production quality of the show.

The conversation then shifted to speculate on what Elliot might be doing now, with a range of possibilities – Elliot could be performing his own cabaret shows, appearing on TV programs like Sky News Australia or the ABC, or even creating satirical content on platforms like TikTok. Regardless of the specific path, it was clear that Elliot’s undying spirit and determination would continue to fuel his artistic endeavours.

Boris’s interview offered an exciting peek behind the curtain of his career as both a performer and a part of the acclaimed series. As we look to the future, it’s clear that Elliot’s spirit lives on, leaving us with a sense of wonder and anticipation for his next artistic endeavors.

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Check out Boris’ son’s YouTube channel here: @redonwhite1176.

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