Dude Looks Like A Logie!

The 54th Annual TV Logie Awards are around the corner, which The D-Generation/Working Dog are regular attendees to the the awards.

The year is 1998. The Working Dog team have three successful seasons of the current affairs piss-take Frontline under their belts. The 40th Annual TV Week Logie Awards are being shown on national television, thanks to Channel 9. Season 3 of Frontline is up for 4 nominations: Most Popular Comedy Program, Most Outstanding Series, Most Outstanding Actor (Rob Sitch), Most Outstanding Achievement In Comedy.

The night goes on, and the bubbles flow. Working Dog win 2 awards out of the 4 (Most Outstanding Achievement In Comedy, Most Outstanding Series), but the announcement is further into the night. When winning, you’ve had a few drinks under your belt… and here’s the result.


The 2012 54th TV Week Annual Logie Awards – Sunday, April 15 at Crown Casino and broadcast on Channel 9.


    • Jen on April 14, 2012 at 11:01 am
    • Reply

    This must have been the year that Martin/Molloy called up as many people as possible and asked them to say ‘sausages’ on stage. I remember Jane starting with a big sigh of ‘sausages’ (which doesn’t quite make it onto the clip above). Cannot remember for the life of me who else took up the dare.

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